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Our Agenda 2015-2016

Sensible Sugar in Schools Act
Sponsor: Senator Ron Young and Delegate Eric Ebersole
Purpose: Reduce the sugar intake of children at school to within recommended limits suggested by the American Heart Association (AHA)

Fact Sheet
Bill Text - HB528
Bill Text - SB65 (note: bill has been amended by sponsor to match HB528)

  • School districts will be required to alter their federally-mandated wellness policies to include a plan for reducing added sugar intake per meal, including any a la carte foods, for any child based on the recommendations of the AHA for added sugar (the AHA recommends that children ages 4-8 consume no more than 3 teaspoons and pre-teens and teenagers consume no more than 5-8 teaspoons of added sugar daily)
  • School districts will be required to either use an existing wellness committee, school health council, or wellness team or form a work group to formulate this plan. The work group shall include stakeholders such as parents, students, educators, medical professionals and non-profit organizations, and shall hold 2 meetings at which the public will be allowed to testify.
  • Fiscal and Policy Note

School Food Transparency Act
Sponsor: Delegate Diana Fennell
Purpose: Improve transparency about foods and their ingredients served in schools

Fact Sheet
Bill Text - HB109

  • School districts will be required to list all foods sold in their cafeterias on breakfast and lunch menus, including a la carte or snack foods.
  • Fiscal and Policy Note



2014 - 2015 Legislative Agenda

Lindsey Parsons, right, testifying in support of HB109,
sponsored by Del. Diana Fennell, second from right.

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