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Individuals - Join our mailing list to keep up on our School Food Environment Grades project and other school food news. You can also join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter

Organizations - You can join our coalition by completing our Coalition Commitment Letter and emailing it to info@healthyschoolfoodmd.org or by calling (301) 202-4812 for more information. At minimum, coalition partners agree to have us post their logo and use their name on this web site and in communications from the coalition and share our announcements with their mailing lists.

Volunteering - Could you help us build up support for Healthy School Food Maryland in your area? Set up a table at your school, local health food store or gym to get others to support our mission. You can use this informational poster and sign-in sheet. Please contact us for more information.

Donate - The work of Healthy School Food Maryland is supported through our fiscal sponsor, the non-profit Chesapeake Institute for Local Sustainable Food and Agriculture. You can donate via PayPal below or via check made out to "HSFM" and mailed to

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